How long is the Fun Run and is it timed?
The Fun Run is one mile long and is not officially timed.  The race clock will be turned on, but fun runners time will not be recorded.

How long is the 5K Race?
The 5K Race is 5 kilometers, which is 3.1 miles.

What Emergency Services will be available?
Spotswood Police Department will have at least 3 officers monitoring the race.  A police car will tail the race behind the last runners to ensure their safety.
Spotswood EMS will be on hand at the end of the race, and they will also be riding bicycles throughout the course in case there is anyone in need of assistance.

St. Peter's Hospital Community Mobile Health Services van (with nurses on board) will available for blood pressure & blood sugar screenings

Will the streets be completely blocked off?
No, the town streets will not be blocked off, but there will be volunteers working at all the intersections of the race to stop traffic, allowing runners to safely run without stopping.  Volunteers will be wearing florescent orange/yellow safety vests.

Can I register on the day of the race?
Yes, you can register on race day, but there is no guarantee of getting a 5K race T-Shirt.  Shirts and goodie bags are only while supplies last!

Will the Results be timed?
The race will be timed using the disposable B-tag system. Your timing chip will be adhered directly to the back of your bib. 
Results will be posted on the wall of the snack shack throughout the race.  Results will also be available via our new mobile app!  Click on the link below to find out how to get the mobile app.
Some mobile features include:
- Instant Results - type in your bib #, and find out how you did. No need to huddle around screens or printed results.
- email your results
- find out about upcoming races from the training room (email info to friends to get them to race with you )

Can I bring my stroller/dog/iPod?
Strollers, wheelchairs and MP3 players are welcome. Dogs are not allowed. We ask that parties with strollers start near the back of the line to allow runners to run safely and to make their best times. 
Please turn off your MP3 players as you approach the finish line at the end of the race to hear any instructions from the volunteers.

Does the Course have hills?
There is a modest hill at the beginning of the race between Jackson St and Adirondack Ave, but after that the course is basically flat.

Please click on the General Information link for additional race information!