Event Date & Start Time
Saturday  - September 7, 2019 -  8:30 am*

Spotswood High School
105 Summerhill Rd, Spotswood, NJ 08884
Visit Directions & Parking for details
Spotswood Recreation highly recommends arriving at least 30 minutes prior
to the race to pick up your packet, check in, and stretch out before the race.

The Spotswood 5K Race course will take you through the streets of Spotswood.
There are volunteers throughout the course and white arrows painted
on the street to guide you through the race.
There will be two water stations set up on the course.
The first station is at the one mile mark, and the second at the two mile mark.

Please note that a 15 minute mile pace or faster is required for the 5k.
A 15 minute mile pace is roughly four miles per hour, equivalent to a very brisk walk.
If you fall below this pace, the race organizers can no longer guarantee course support.

Water Stations, medical support, bathrooms, and road closures will begin
to become unavailable to participants.
The local police and race organizers will ask you to either move up onto the sidewalk
or require you to be transported further up on course
to catch up to the 15 minute per mile group.

Visit the Course Page for more information.

The race will be timed using the disposable B-tag system.
Your timing chip will be adhered directly to the back of your bib.

Runners will line up behind the starting gate and wait for the air horn
to signal the start of the race.
Chip timing will automatically record your final time when you cross the timing mat.
Faster runners should position themselves towards the front of the pack,
with 'Not-So-Fast' runners positioned back a little.
This will prevent crowding and pushing at the beginning of the race.

NOTE - The finish line is located at the exact same position as the starting line. 

Timings will be posted every few minutes on the Snack Shack wall
for you to see your exact times.

There are 2 bathrooms located in the snack shack building at the beginning of the course.

Water, bagels, fruit juice and fruit will be available at the finish line
next to the snack shack.