Welcome to Spotswood
New Jersey

Council  Members
Council President Theodore Ricci
Councilman Curtis Stollen
Councilwoman Margaret Drozd
Councilman Jose Rivera
Councilman John F. Melillo
The Borough of Spotswood has adopted the Mayor-Council Plan B under the provisions of the Optional Municipal Charter Law of 1950 (Faulkner Act). A mayor is elected by the people for a term of four years on a non-partisan basis. A five member council is elected on a non-partisan basis with each council person serving four years. The mayor is the chief executive and has responsibility for the administration of the government. The legislative power resides solely within the borough council. There is separation of legislative and executive power in this form of government.
Liaison Appointments:

Updated 1/9/2017
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Mayor Edward Seely
Council President Theodore Ricci
Media Relations
Councilman Jose Rivera
Department of Law
Division of Inspections
Councilman Curtis Stollen
Department of Engineering
Councilman John Melillo