Getting the word out early is the key to getting your dog or cat back safely and soundly. Don’t assume your pet will return on his own in a few hours. Don’t wait around to see if he’ll find his way home. As soon as you are aware that your pet is missing, GET THE WORD OUT. Remember, have good, clear photos on hand just in case, and ALWAYS make sure your dogs and cats are wearing a collar with identification tags. Microchipping is an excellent form of identification, but also make sure your pet has a visible collar and tags.

1.  Check with the Spotswood Police dispatch FIRST and foremost. Call: 732-251-2121. Please note: In the event of a match of a lost pet, you ARE REQUIRED to go to the Spotswood Clerks Department to pay the administration fee of $85.00. At that time you will be given a receipt for the administration fees and a PINK copy of the "Notice of Release" form which will allow you to pick up your lost pet at the kennel.

2.  The shelter that we are now using is the Woodbridge Animal Shelter & Pet Adoption Center, 195 Woodbridge Ave., Sewaren, NJ 07077 (phone) 732-855-0600 X2034.
If an animal is picked up by our animal control, they will then take the animal to Woodbridge and that will be where the residents will have to go to pick up the animal after going to the Borough Clerk's office to pay the fee.  The hours of the shelter are as follows:

                                                Monday               1pm to 4 pm

                                                Tuesday               4 pm to 8 pm

                                                Wednesday        1 pm to 4 pm

                                                Thursday             4 pm to 8 pm

                                                Friday                    1 pm to 4 pm

                                                Saturday              noon to 4 pm

                                                Sunday                 CLOSED

3.  Post your lost pet information on the Borough Lost and Found FACEBOOK page: CLICK HERE.

4.  Make posters, and lots of them. Keep it simple: 'LOST DOG (or cat)!' should be at the top in large, easy to read, (even from a moving vehicle) bold letters. Then include a brief description or breed type: “Beige, wire-haired terrier ” or “Striped grey and black short-haired cat “. Don’t assume that people will know your particular pure breed, so always include a description. Include the animal’s name, it may make it easier for someone to call your pet over and capture him, and it also makes your pet into a valued member of your family, and not just another lost animal statistic. Include your telephone number in large numbers at the bottom of the poster. Our local SHOP RITE will allow you to put up flyers in their store and parking lot. They will be seen by a HUGE amount of people shopping there.

5.  Get out and call for your pet by name. Enlist family and friends to canvas the neighborhood, in all directions, on the roads and as the crow flies. Don’t try to predict where your pet could or wouldn’t have gone – YOU NEVER KNOW. The best time to call out for your pet is at night, and at dawn. If you are calling from your car, drive slowly, roll down all the windows, stop and turn your vehicle off frequently to listen. Call all your neighbors personally. If you have moved recently, leave notices with neighbors in your old neighborhood.

6.  Check FOUND pet ads in newspapers, and place LOST ads.

7.  Make sure all current information is on file for license tags, rabies, microchip, & and other traceable I.D.


1. Contact the Spotswood Police dispatch. Call: 732-251-2121. Please note: If a pet has been found after business hours, Animal Control will be out the next business day.

2. Post your lost pet information on the Borough Lost and Found FACEBOOK page: CLICK HERE.