New Jersey residents have preparation to do to get ready for hurricanes, no matter what its impact will be here in Spotswood.  Now is the time to think and prepare. It is unbelievable to think of the destruction and the aftermath, but preparing yourself and your family will indeed make a difference. No matter what the final path of this storm, your preparation will not be a "waste of time" or a "waste of money". Think about being without electricity for several days or weeks and what you will need to live without electricity. If there is no electricity in this area, there will be no shopping, no ATM, no gas, etc.
So, let's get ready by:

     fill every vehicle you have with gas/ and every gas tank

     get several hundred dollars from the bank or ATM

     stock up on food which will keep without refrigeration (bread, peanut butter, nuts, fruit, and canned goods)

     remember you need a can opener that is not electric

     have at least enough pet food and baby food [and diapers] for a week or so

     batteries for flashlights

    a portable radio with batteries

    candles/lighter/matches - it gets really dark and eerie after the storm

    fill your propane tanks if you have a gas grill - as it may be the only way to cook, unless you have gas in your house

     water bottles and any container filled with drinking water

     use pool or rain barrel water to flush the toilets

     gather any prescriptions needed and necessary medical equipment

     bring EVERYTHING into your house/garage (lounges, toys, potted plants, garbage cans) - anything that could become a projectile in the winds

     charge everything (computers, phones, cameras, etc) as much as you can on Saturday

    Individuals who rely on electricity to operate life-sustaining electronic equipment, such as a respirator or dialysis machine, should pre-register with JCP&L to receive priority attention in the event of an outage.  To request the service, call JCP&L at 1-800-662-3115.  They should also inform their rescue squads and fire departments of their needs, in case of emergency.  Even though customers with life-sustaining equipment who have registered with JCP&L will receive priority attention during outages, they should also have emergency back-up equipment on hand, since immediate restoration cannot be guaranteed.

(recommends food, can-opener and water for up to 5 days)

Another good idea is to update your cell phone numbers with friends and families. Contacting others after the storm to let everybody know that you are okay or what help you need is important. Cell phone reception may not be possible after the storm if the cell towers are damaged. We will see.
This is not meant to scare you or make you panic, but it is your responsibility to prepare. We will all make it through the storm and help each other out afterwards.


Mayor Ed Seely