Stitch In Time To Knit For Homeless - All Are Welcome!

Stitch in Time is run by Diane Charlesworth and is an energetic group of knitters and crocheters get together to work on their projects. Beginners are always welcome. Charlesworth is happy to give instruction.

After watching a Facebook video about a group of 'Bag Ladies' in Union City, Tennessee knitting sleeping mats for the homeless, she was inspired to take up the cause in New Jersey.

This group of Tennessee ladies has taken more than 50,000 plastic shopping bags and recycled them into sleeping mats for area homeless people. They've created over 80 so far. Now, it takes 600 to 700 plastic bags to knit one three foot by six foot mat. So, Charlesworth is asking local residents to join the cause.

'We really need the help of the community to finish our task,' Charlesworth said. 'Please save your plastic shopping bags for us!!'

Thanks to Sue Gallina-Engstrom, you can now drop off your used shopping bags at Brian's Lawnmower Service, located @ 188 Manalapan Rd in Spotswood Their business hours are 7 am - 5 pm and they are also open on Saturday until 2pm. So now Sue & Brian Engstrom are our new "Guardian Angels"! The "Stitch in Time" women are sooo grateful for their support! You may also drop them off at the Office on Aging.

Charlesworth is working on getting the Spotswood ShopRite on Summerhill Road to donate plastic bags for the project as well.

A survey conducted earlier this year reported that despite a decrease in homeless men, women and children in New Jersey, more than 10,000 remain on the street.

UPDATE by Diane:
It's been a while since I've updated you on the activities of "The Stitch in Time" knit crochet group. We continue to work on crocheting the sleeping mats for the homeless and the good people at Brian's Lawn Mower Service are still a collection point for the used plastic shopping bags we need to make them. Thanks for your continued support of our efforts! It would be difficult to be successful without it. I'm adding a picture of our dog testing out the mat...he's a big helper! LOL!

Additionally, our new project for this fall/winter will be making scarves and hats for the needy. We've been honored with the privilege of distributing them through Alice's CUP Food Pantry in Spotswood. We're using yarn from our own stockpiles, as well as some very generous donations, to make these items. I'm including a picture of some of the scarves we've already completed. If you'd like to help with this project, please let me know.

Again, we sincerely appreciate your support in our efforts to help those less fortunate than we are. Have a great day!