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Updated 4/7/2016
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Political  Party Affiliation Information

A registered  voter currently affiliated  with  a political  party who wishes to change their party affillatlon  must  file a  Political  Party Affiliation  Declaration  Form  50 days before  a Primary Election.

A registered  voter currently  not affiliated with  a  political  party may declare  their party affiliation  up to and  including  Primary  Election  day.

You can complete the Political  Party Affiliation  Declaration  Form  and mail or deliver to the Commissioner of Registration  in  your  county  or you can also  file it  with  your  municipal  clerk. These cards  are also available  at your local  Commissioner of Registration's Office.

The Commissioner  of  Registration  cannot accept faxed copies or an electronic transmission  of Party Affiliation  Declaratlon  Forms, since an original  signature  is required.


Commission of Registration for Middlesex County:
Mr. Daniel Frankel, Secretary & Commissioner of Registration
Middlesex County Board of Elections
11 Kennedy Blvd.
East Brunswick, NJ 08816-9928