"Semper Vigilo"

Mission Statement

"It is the mission of the Spotswood Police Department to work in partnership with the Community to safeguard life and property, prevent crime, provide investigative responses and enhance the quality of life in our Borough.
Our mandate is to accomplish these goals with integrity, honor, resilience and the highest ethical standards."

Organizational Values

The members of the Spotswood Police Department accept their role as community stakeholders; responsible for contributing to the quality of life in our community. We strongly believe that the measure of our character is defined by the quality of service that is provided by our membership. Our shared values and commitment will allow us to meet future challenges and maintain our high standards of public service.

Our core values include:

Service: in a courteous, impartial, responsive manner.
Facilitate: open communication & cooperation through community policing objectives.
Transparency: to remain a part of not apart from our community.
Resilience: to adapt in an innovative, proactive nature to changing conditions.
Professionalism: a byproduct of clear direction and leadership instilled in a team concept approach.
Commitment: to merit support for the quality of service provided.

Organizational Goals

Our efforts are concentrated through a lens of 'commitment' which ensures the trust and cooperation of our community residents.

Our Goals:

Remain: ever vigilant in the prevention of crime, reduction in the fear of crime and improving the quality of life in our community.
Foster:  trust  through  a  collaborative  effort  between  community  residents,  business owners, and police personnel.
Bolster: education, training and awareness of crime prevention and youth intervention.
Strive: to be current, proactive & innovative regarding best practices that promote secure, livable and viable neighborhoods/business districts.

Councilman Curtis Stollen, Liaison