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Councilman Theodore Ricci, Liaison

Updated 3/24/2018
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Spotswood New Jersey
Department of Public Works

The Water Department will flush and test ALL fire hydrants in the Borough starting
APRIL 16  TO  MAY 11
between the hours of 10:00 am - 2:00 pm and 10:00 pm - 6:00 am.
During the flushing hours, low pressure and a harmless discolorization may occur.
This condition should clear in a few hours.
If not, run the COLD WATER TAP for a few minutes to flush your service line.
It is NOT advisable to do laundry during the flushing operations.
(All Streets East of Brunswick Avenue up to Adirondack Avenue)

APRIL 30 - MAY 4:
(All Streets East of Adirondack Avenue - Summerhill Road, Kane & Vaughn & Janice Drive)

MAY 7 -MAY 11:
(DeVoe Avenue, Tree Streets & Lettau Drive Area, Main Street, Kopak Way & Clyne Avenue Area)
(Manalapan Road Area - Immaculate Conception Church to Helmetta Border,
West of Brunswick Avenue, Crescent Willard Clark Circle)
Arlington Avenue
Daniel Road
Manalapan Road
Robert Street
Bruning Lane
DeStefano Avenue
Marilyn Place
Samantha Way
Burgess Avenue
Eaton Avenue
Morris Avenue
Snowhill Street
Butterfly Lane
Evelyn Terrace
New Street
South Street
Cedar Brook Lane
Goldsmith Drive
Nicholas Court
West End
Christine Court
Gordon Avenue
Old Stage (West of Brunswick
William Street
Crane Place
James Street
Outcalt Avenue
Williard Clark
Crescent Avenue
John Street
Parkside Drive

Crestwood Court
Kumka Avenue
Reider Road

Daly Avenue
Maiden Lane
River Road

Appleby Avenue
June Road
Mary Lane
Siegel Court
Brunswick Avenue
Kane Avenue
Michael Road
Snowhill Avenue
Burlington Avenue
Kensington Avenue
New York Avenue
Szymanski Drive
Carley Place
Leonard Avenue
Old Stage Road
Third Street
First Street
Madie Avenue
Richmond Avenue

Gover Court
Madison Avenue
Rosedale Avenue

Henry Street
Manhattan Avenue
Scranton Avenue

Hudson Avenue
Marlee Drive
Second Street

Adirondack Avenue
Ertle Avenue
Marcin Court
Sadowski Place
American Way
Feldbaum Place
Mott Place
Shupin Street
Barbara Avenue
Gaskin Avenue
Nancy Avenue
Sloan Road
Beth Court
Herbert Avenue
New York Avenue
Summerhill Road
Brian Lane
Hudson Avenue
North Court
Vaughn Avenue
Brooklyn Avenue
Irving Avenue
North Street
Vliet Street
Burlington Avenue
Jackson Street
Old Stage Road
Wyoming Avenue
Carol Lane
Janice Drive
Orchard Street

Charles Street
Jefferson Drive
Pamela Court

Dorothy Street
Jensen Avenue
Rainbow Lane

Easton Avenue
Karen Street
Richmond Avenue

Ellenel Boulevard
Madie Avenue
Rosedale Avenue

Brookside Road
Erickson Avenue
MacArthur Avenue
Sidney Avenue
Brookwood Road
Evergreen Avenue
Main Street
Spruce Street
Chestnut Street
Fernheard Avenue
Maple Street
Walker Avenue
Clark Avenue
Halsey Place
Marks Avenue
Walnut Street
Clyne Avenue
Hermann Drive
Mundy Avenue
Wilson Avenue
DeVoe Avenue
Kopak Way
Newark Avenue
Woodland Raod
DeVoe Place
Koscuszko Street
Oak Street

Dora Avenue
Lakeview Drive
Patton Place

Eisenhower Avenue
Landvale Road
Pine Street

Elm Street
Lettau Avenue
Polonia Street

Elmer Avenue
Lettau Drive
Red Bank Road