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732-251-0700 ext. 822

Councilman Theodore Ricci, Liaison

Updated 9/22/2018
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Spotswood New Jersey
Department of Public Works


The DPW plow our streets to keep you and your fellow travelers safe
and to maintain clear access for emergency vehicles.
It would make plowing cleaner and faster if ALL residents could move their vehicles
off the roads and park them out of the way.

Our snowplows can then clear your entire street
with no problems and no burying of 'parked vehicles'.

We're here to serve you, and with your help we can keep all the roads clean for you.

Also, please remember: PARKING IS PROHIBITED on any street which is posted:

Adirondack Avenue
Entire Length
Brunswick Avenue
Entire Length
Burlington Avenue
Brunswick Avenue to Jackson Street
Crescent Avenue
Entire Length
Daniel Road
Entire Length
DeVoe Avenue
Entire Length
Easton Avenue
Entire Length
Eisenhower Avenue
Entire Length
George Street
Entire Length
Kane Avenue
Adirondack Avenue to Madie Avenue
Kopak Way
Entire Length
Main Street
Entire Length
Manalapan Road
Entire Length
Marlboro Road
Manalapan Road to Somerdale Avenue
Mundy Avenue
Entire Length
Old Stage Road
Entire Length
Snowhill Street
Entire Length
Summerhill Road
Entire Length
Vaughn Avenue
Entire Length
Vliet Street
Main Street to Orchard Street
Wilson Avenue
Entire Length