Spotswood New Jersey
Water & Sewer Department
Emergencies: Call 732-251-2121
Office Hours: Monday - Friday
8:30 am to 4:30 pm


Why is my water bill too high?

High consumption - if you notice an increase in your consumption, we suggest you check for possible leaks. One way to check would be to take a reading from the water meter before you retire to bed, allowing no one to use the water through the night.
When you awaken, and before any water is used, take another reading.
If there has been consumption while you were asleep, there is the possibility of a leak.
You may want to check the toilets; running toilets can use a significant amount of water (the most common reason for high water bills is a leaky toilet).

Zero consumption - it is important to contact our office if you should receive a bill indicating a zero consumption reading. This could indicate a possible problem with the meter. If the problem is not corrected, a large water bill may result when an actual inside reading is obtained.

What should I do if I am selling my home?

Please contact our office at 732-251-0700 ext. 827 at least two (2) days in advance to schedule an appointment for a final water meter reading. Schedule a time convenient for you to be there.
The final water meter reading times are between the hours of 8:00 am to 2:30 pm.
We will require the following information when you call:
Account number
Property address
Block and lot number
Seller's name
Seller's attorney's name, phone number and fax number
We will also require the buyer's name.
The final figures will be faxed to the seller's attorney and the account will be changed to the new owner's name on the closing date.

Where do I mail my payment?

Payments should be made payable to:
Spotswood Utility Department
77 Summerhill Road
Spotswood NJ 08884-1233

Please return payment stub along with your check. Be sure to include your account number or property location if you are not sending your payment stub with your check.

When should I make a payment to eliminate interest?

All bills are due and payable upon presentation or delivery. A grace period of 33 days is allowed to make payments. If payment is not received within 33 days from the billing date, interest will be charged.
All payments are posted to accounts the actual day our office received mail from the postal service.
Any accounts that maintain previous balances/arrears will be charged interest daily.
77 Summerhill Road *  732-251-0700 ext. 827 * Fax: 732-251-1359
This web based service allows residents of the Borough to view their property taxes and water/sewer utility accounts and to pay their bills safely online if they choose:
Please note: there is a fee for paying online.