Updated 1/30/2018
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Zoning Department
77 Summerhill Road
Spotswood NJ 08884
Telephone Number: 732-416-1833

Zoning Officer: Andy Mashanski
Email: AMashanski@spotswoodboro.com
Chairman: Charles McCook
Board Secretary: Joanna Carlson
Email: JCarlson@spotswoodboro.com
Councilman Curtis Stollen, Liaison
Chairman: Charles McCook

The Zoning Board enforces compliance with the township zoning ordinances that limit and regulate buildings and structures according to types and use.

It also:

  • Regulates the nature and use of land for trade, industry, residence, open space and any other purposes.

  • Regulates the height of buildings, the number of stories permitted, the size of buildings, lot size compliance and open space requirements.

  • Maintains the standards for planned developments.

  • Hears and decides requests for interpretation of zoning maps and ordinances.

  • Grants relief from provisions of positions of the Municipal Land Use Law due to the exceptional shape of the topography of a piece of property.

  • Grants variances from the zoning laws.