There are many types of construction projects that you may encounter. Some types are classified as Ordinary Repairs, Minor Work, New Construction, and Emergency Repairs. Below is a description of each.

  1. Ordinary Repairs
  2. Minor Work
  3. New Construction
  4. Emergency Repairs

This type of repair does not require a permit. This work includes:

  • The replacement of a roof on a single-family home
  • The replacement of siding on a single-family home (except polypropylene siding)
  • The installation or replacement of a burglar alarm in a single-family home
  • The replacement of a porch or stoop which does not support any roof structure
  • The replacement of gutters or leaders
  • The replacement of any door or window as long as the opening size does not change and no framing members are removed or added
  • The replacement of a smoke detector with a similar type
  • The replacement of any plumbing fixtures as long as the locations do not change
  • The repair or replacement of one electrical receptacle, switch, or light fixture (this does not include GFCI circuits)

Construction Applications