Filing a Complaint

Both traffic and criminal complaints may be filed at the Violations Bureau Monday through Friday, from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm.

There is no fee to file a complaint; however, there are certain requirements. You must know the name and address of the person you want to charge and what you want to charge them with. In order to file most criminal complaints you must first file a police report. Once a complaint is filed it cannot be withdrawn. You must appear at all stages of the court procedures and, if you request that the complaint be dismissed in court, you may be subject to court costs.

Civil or Small Claims complaints are not handled in the Municipal Court. These complaints are filed in the Middlesex County Superior Court and additional information can be obtained by calling 732-981-3200.

In lieu of filing a criminal complaint, you may wish to take advantage of the Community Dispute Resolution Program. This program uses trained mediators to resolve disputes, which normally occur between neighbors, friends, relatives, or co-workers. Mediation is free and attorneys are not involved. Both parties are encouraged to discuss their problem and, with the aid of the mediator, reach a compromise that is satisfactory to both. The forms to file Community Dispute Complaints can be obtained at the Municipal Court. If the dispute cannot be resolved, the parties are still permitted to file criminal complaints in the Municipal Court.