Water & Sewer Utility

The Water and Sewer Utility mission is to:

  • Provide the Borough of Spotswood with abundant, safe drinking water
  • Provide the Borough of Spotswood with adequate water supply and pressure for fire fighting
  • Maintain pump stations and distribution systems
  • Manage and protect current water supplies
  • Seek new sources for future water supply demands
  • Respond professionally to the public and government officials requests, inquires, and problems
  • Follow enterprise funding to offset all water department expenses and user fees

The Department of Finance handles billing and collections for the Water and Sewer Utility for the Borough of Spotswood.

The Department of Public Works is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure for our Water and Sewer Utility.

The water and sewer utility budget operates independently from the municipal budget and is self-sustaining.

Revenue collected for water and sewer billing is utilized to maintain the Borough's water and sewer costs.

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