Municipal Clerk


Core duties of the Municipal Clerk are:

  1. Secretary of the Municipal Corporation
    • Custodian of the municipal seal
    • Maintain custody of all minutes, books, deeds, bonds, contracts, & archival records of the municipal corporation
    • Attest to the signatures of municipal officers and officials
    • Maintain receipt of service of legal documents
  2. The Clerk is the Chief Administrative Officer of all Elections
    • Certify vacancies at a local level
    • Maintain receipt of nominating petitions & certifications to the County Clerk of local candidates nominated by petition
    • Suggest polling places
    • Maintain receipt of election results
    • Chief Registrar of Voters
  3. Administrative Officer
    • Acceptance of applications for licenses, permits, & issuance of licenses
    • Issue assessment search certificates
    • Conduct business with Municipal Departments
    • Serve as information officer to the public and media
    • Certify to the municipality's Bond Counsel as to proper advertising, filing of Supplemental Debt Statement, & that no protests have been filed with the municipality as to the adoption of bond ordinances.
  4. The Clerk is the Records Coordinator and Manager 
    • The Clerk receives all OPRA requests and gives them to the proper departments to be fulfilled.