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A Message from the Mayor

October 28, 2020


Residents of Spotswood,


I hope all is well with you, your family, and your friends. I wish I had better news, but it appears the numbers for the State are elevating to a level we haven’t seen since May. Yesterday the Governor reported over 1,600 new cases. Our numbers currently stand at 155 positives with, regrettably, 6 souls lost. At Monday’s Council meeting I was asked when I was going to open Borough Hall to the public; the answer is when we believe it is safe to do so. In my opinion, reopening puts the employees and residents at unnecessary risk, and I do not want to do this.


All three Mayoral candidates were in attendance at this meeting, and one had remarked that several towns had resumed holding in-person Council meetings. Some time ago, I took the time to measure our court room to figure out how many people could attend a meeting in compliance with the EO (Executive Order) with regard to the 6-foot social distance spacing. The number I came up with, including those on the dais, was between 22 and 25. We would have had to cancel the last three Council meetings because attendance was between 28 and 50. I don’t believe that’s a viable option.


Let’s move on, shall we? My term is coming to an end, and I must say that it has been an honor to serve the residents of our fine community for the past 16 ½ years. I may not have been able to please everyone, but I made every effort to do my best for the majority. Any decisions that may have seemed controversial were always made with the residents’ best interests at heart. Unfortunately, there will always be naysayers that seem to want to hinder progress for their own selfish reasons; such is life. The last two years have been a true test of my character, patience, and endurance. After all, being Mayor is, in and of itself, a true test of one’s character. To all of those who have made my job easier, I offer my heartfelt thanks; to those who didn’t…well, we will leave it at that.


I would like to thank one person individually, my administrative assistant Cate Leedy. I would truly have been lost without Cate; she has always been there for me and her professionalism and passion for the job is unmatched. She was not only my confidante; she is a good friend. She has recently changed positions within the Borough, and I know she will, as always, conquer the challenges that come with it. The Borough is indeed fortunate to have employees like her and those others that are truly dedicated. Since her transfer, I have chosen not to fill the position so that the incoming Mayor can hire his or her own. I hope the new Mayor is as fortunate as I was.


Halloween is still on, although I expect I will see less trick-or-treaters this year. If you are either giving or receiving treats, please do it safely. Use gloves, make sure everything is individually wrapped, and wear your mask. As always, our Police Department will be patrolling the streets to ensure everyone’s safety.  


In other news, the lake project is scheduled to begin next week, and demolition of the old house on Main Street has begun. EMS has a new ambulance in service. We have also started the process to bring our George Street water plant back online.


Well, that’s it for now! As always, Be Smart, Stay Safe, and, by all means, please Stay Healthy!


God Bless,



Ed Seely,



Dredging of DeVoe Lake, Phase I

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