What is the procedure to dispute a utility bill?

Any customer that disputes a bill rendered by the utility for water shall bring the disputed bill to the attention of the Borough Collector within 15 calendar days of the due date of the bill. Said dispute shall be presented to the Office of the Borough Collector in writing, stating the exact portion of the bill that is in dispute and the reasons why the bill is in dispute.

Upon receipt of a disputed bill claim by a customer, the Borough Collector shall present a temporary estimated bill to the customer which shall be computed on the basis of the average usage during the preceding twelve-month period or the usage during the same period of time in the preceding year, whichever, in the estimation of the Borough Collector, presents a more accurate estimate. The customer shall pay the amount of the temporary estimated bill within the same time limits for payment of the original bill.

The Borough Collector shall investigate the bill dispute presented by the customer and shall receive whatever supporting evidence the customer may wish to present and shall determine whether the disputed bill is valid or invalid in whole or in part. In the event that the Borough Collector determines that any or all of the disputed bill is due and that amount exceeds the amount paid by the customer under the temporary estimated bill, the difference shall be paid by the customer within 14 calendar days after notification in writing by the Borough Collector. After said 14 calendar day period, the bill shall be classified as delinquent. All billing disputes must be in writing within 15 days of the due date of the bill. Be sure to compare all billed readings with your inside meter.

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