How do I protect my water pipes from freezing?

The Borough of Spotswood Water Department would like to share some basic tips to help protect meters and pipes throughout the winter:

  1. Locate and mark the master shutoff valve and be prepared to turn it off in case a water line should burst. This valve, typically a wheel type valve, is usually located were the water pipe enters your home or dwelling near your inside water meter. Mark it with a tag, a bright ribbon or colorful paint. Make it easy to see. If the worst happens and we hope it never does you will know where it
  2. Make sure the water meter is protected from freezing conditions. If it is located in an unheated area such as under a mobile home cover it with an insulating material and using heat tape will help avoid freezing and possible breakage.
  3. Close the stop and waste valves on outside faucets. These valves are located near the faucet on the inside basement wall. After the valve is closed tightly, drain the outside piping and remove any hose from the outside faucets.
  4. Insulate pipes located in our near outside walls, in the basement and in the garage. Repair any cracks or broken windows in the basement to further safeguard against freezing.
  5. Consider allowing your cold water to run slow. This will keep the water moving through the pipes thereby preventing freezing.
  6. If you are going to be away for a long period of time it is suggested that you contact a plumber to come and winterize your pipes to protect them from freezing and subsequent damage.

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