What kind of assistance is offered?

Medicare beneficiaries frequently have questions about benefits, claims, supplement policies (known as Medigaps) and Medicare Advantage plans. Volunteer counselors, trained in areas of health insurance coverage and benefits that affect Medicare beneficiaries, provide information and assistance for dealing with claims and in evaluating health insurance options. If you are brand new to Medicare or will be enrolling in Medicare soon, SHIP counselors can guide you through your options, give you resources and help guide you to the type of plan that best fits your medical and financial status. Counselors also provide assistance during open enrollment (held each year from October 15 through December 7) to ensure the medical and prescription coverage you have still works for you and is the best value for you.

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1. What is State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) Counseling?
2. What kind of assistance is offered?
3. What is the cost?
4. How do I make an appointment?