What if I have a tax lien on my property and I want to pay it off?

To redeem an outstanding lien you must first contact our office to determine the next available council date for redemption. A letter then must be sent to our office requesting a redemption statement. Verbal requests are not accepted. The request must include the block and lot number, lien certificate number, the date of redemption, the date payment will be received by the Tax Collector (at least ten days to prior to redemption), along with your contact information including your daytime phone number. You must be a party with an interest in the property in order to redeem a lien; i.e. the owner, attorney for the owner, or the mortgage holder. You may fax your request to the Tax Collector at 732-251-1359 or email the Tax Collector.

Upon receipt of your request for a redemption amount, the Tax Collector will provide the redemption statement as quickly as possible. The preparation of a redemption statement takes time and will not be available immediately. Please allow enough time when requesting redemptions for the preparation and delivery of the redemption statement.

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