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A Message from the Mayor

July 29, 2020


Residents of Spotswood,


I have never considered myself a politician, for many reasons. First and foremost, I can’t stand most of those who have chosen this as a profession. However, since I appear to be one, I’ve learned a great many things I’d rather not have had to learn. I’ve also endured a great deal of unjust treatment, which has been a true testament to my tolerance level. That said, nothing I’ve had to deal with comes close to the stress levels that are being generated by COVID-19, and the fact that the end is not yet in sight. I truly hope that if you need help in coping with the effects of this pandemic you are seeking it. The body can be often mended; however, the mind is a little more complex and not as easily healed. Please be sure to reach out if in need.


I’m sorry to report that our numbers are on the rise. We’ve had an additional 4 positives in the last couple of days, bringing our total to 103. The Governor has attributed it, for the most part, to laboratory back-ups. I am not so sure, since I do travel through the state a good bit. It seems to me that people may be getting a little lax. I would like to think this is most likely out of frustration, or perhaps even a false sense of security. Of course, this is only my opinion. We do need to stay vigilant, however; wear your face coverings, as well as limit indoor attendance at any event or location that includes people unfamiliar to you. You see an awful lot of people with their nose exposed while wearing a face covering. Think about it; where do they stick that long Q-tip for a sample? Exactly! Cover your nose as well! It’s your health!


Now to a couple things going on in town. Bids have been received and 474 Main Street (a.k.a., the old brown house) will be coming down shortly. This has been an eyesore for some time, as well as being of great concern as to its safety. In regard to the DeVoe Lake project, we are awaiting an approval from Freehold Soil and then we will be releasing a request for bid. Additionally, something I know will make a few residents happy; we are (weather permitting) a few weeks away from completion of the Cottage Street project.


The Spotswood Fire Department has initiated their annual fund drive; you may have already received the mailing. Please give what you can. The organization does a great many things besides put out fires, and is, of course, completely made up of volunteers. Also, according to what I’ve seen on Facebook, times are hard for a couple of our other service organizations; one of our Veterans Organizations has created a GoFundMe page, and the Knights of Columbus is sponsoring two outdoor fish dinners in August. I’m sure any assistance you may be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.


Finally, it would seem that civil unrest is running rampant throughout the country. As previously mentioned, stress levels are high due to the pandemic, and social justice issues and the movement for positive changes are now front and center. Clearly, changes must be, and are being, made; that said, it’s also clear that there are groups seeking to use this unrest to further more sinister agendas.  Our police officers are also dealing with incredible stress right now, so please show them the courtesy and respect they deserve. I’m sure they will be most grateful. I will again, as I often have before, paraphrase the great Maya Angelou, and say that no one remembers what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel.


As always, Be Smart, Be Safe, and Stay Healthy!


God Bless,

Ed Seely,


The 2020 Census will determine congressional representation, inform hundreds of billions in federal funding every year, and provide data that will impact communities for the next decade. Make sure you are counted by clicking the link below:

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Cottage Streets Area - Pavement Reconstruction to Commence 8/7

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PSE&G has established a hot line number to assist residents with concerns about the ongoing gas line replacement project. Though we are not given advance notice of the construction locations as they happen, we expect to be given notice when paving is scheduled.

PSE&G HOT LINE: 833-661-6400

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News and Announcements 

August 5, 2020

Residents of Spotswood,


Yesterday’s storm brought incredible damage and great havoc to our community. Entire sections of the Borough are currently without power. If you are in a section without electricity, as am I, please know that I have reached out to JCP&L and was told by their authorities that power could be restored by as early as this afternoon, or it could be as long as a few days. Their crews are working hard to get everyone back online, but patience will be required. Please take whatever measures are necessary to maintain your health and safety.

Ed Seely


Jersey Central Power & Light Ice and Water Activation 

Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) continues to restore service to customers who lost power and has activated our retail water and ice program.  For those customers remaining without power for 24 hours or more, JCP&L is offering free water and ice at the following locations beginning 8/5/20 at 10am:


· Acme Supermarkets, 3505 Route 9, Old Bridge 
· Saker Shop Rites, Inc., 2909 Washington Rd., Parlin

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Reminder: Odd/Even water restrictions are in effect from May 1 through September 15 pursuant to Borough Ordinance 205-4I. Your cooperation is appreciated.

We wish to thank Captain George Ahrend, a former Borough of Spotswood resident and police officer, for sharing his artistic talent in contributing to the design of the Borough of Spotswood's seal. We thank Mr. Thomas Sullivan, a former Borough of Spotswood resident and sanitation employee, for sharing his artistic talent in contributing to the design of the Borough of Spotswood's seal.