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Municipal Clerk's Office

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Jennie Servis

Acting Municipal Clerk

Extension 885

Jennifer O'Brien

Assistant to the Acting Municipal Clerk

Extension 825


Core Duties of the Municipal Clerk are:

  1. Secretary of the Municipal Corporation

    • Custodian of the municipal seal​

    • Maintain custody of all minutes, books, deeds, bonds, contracts, & archival records of the municipal corporation

    • Attest to the signatures of municipal officers and officials

    • Maintain receipt of service of legal documents

  2. The Clerk is the Chief Administrative Officer of all Elections

    • Certify vacancies at a local level​

    • Maintain receipt of nominating petitions & certifications to the County Clerk of local candidates nominated by petition

    • Suggest polling places

    • Maintain receipt of election results

    • Chief Registrar of Voters

  3. Administrative Officer

    • Acceptance of applications for licenses​, permits, & issuance of licenses

    • Issue assessment search certificates

    • Conduct business with Municipal Departments

    • Serve as information officer to the public and media

    • Certify to the municipality's Bond Counsel as to proper advertising, filing of Supplemental Debt Statement, & that no protests have been filed with the municipality as to the adoption of bond ordinances.​​

  4. The Clerk is the Records Coordinator and Manager 

    • The Clerk receives all OPRA requests and gives to the proper departments to be fulfilled.​


14th Legislative District          12th Congressional District

Polling Locations

  • District:01: Knights of Columbus, 30 Crescent Avenue

  • District:02: Polish American Citizens Club, 66 Adirondack Avenue

  • District:03: Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4589, 33 Daniel Road

  • District:04: Knights of Columbus, 30 Crescent Avenue

  • District:05: Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4589, 33 Daniel Road

  • District:06: Spotswood Municipal Building, 77 Summerhill Road

  • District:07: Clearwater Village Clubhouse, 272 Village Drive East

If you're not sure what district you are in, click here.


For Voter Registration information and applications, Vote By Mail applications, Party Affiliation forms, and/or Military/Federal Mail-In Ballot applications, please click here to access the NJ State Division of Elections website. 


Please click here if you are interested in becoming a poll clerk

Please click here to access the Voting Guide for Students

In New Jersey, any voter can now vote by Mail-In Ballot for any election. A voter may download a Mail-In Ballot (above) and mail the application to their County Clerk up to 7 days prior to the election. A voter may also apply in person to the County Clerk the day before the election. The County Clerk cannot accept faxed copies of a Mail-In Ballot, since an original signature is required.


The New Jersey Department of Health requires that all New Jersey Residents who own or harbor a dog or cat seven (7) months of age or older, are required to annually apply for and procure a license in the municipality where it is kept. (N.J.S.A. 4:19-15.2)  Failure to obtain a valid animal license can result in a fine in accordance with Spotswood Borough Code §46-2.   All animal licenses are for the calendar year, January 1 through December 31. All license renewals must be received by January 31st of the licensing year; postmarks are not acceptable. Renewal applications received after January 31st of the licensing year are subject to a $5.00 late fee per license.  License fees are NOT pro-rated.


Spaying/neutering is not required.  Veterinarian’s documentation of spaying/neutering is required for all new licenses, or if newly spayed/neutered since last licensing period.  


State law requires that your animal’s rabies vaccination must be valid through October 31st of the current licensing year. If your animal’s rabies vaccination expires any time between January and October of the current year, the animal will need to be re-vaccinated before a license can be issued. Proof of updated vaccinations must accompany all renewals.



For more information about the free rabies clinics run throughout Middlesex County,

please contact the Middlesex County Health Department at 732-745-3100.

All applications and/or renewals for animal licenses should be remitted to the Borough by mail, along with a check or money order made payable to the Borough of Spotswood. Or, for your convenience, a payment lock box has been installed in the Municipal Building lobby to the left of the elevator.


Please include all appropriate documentation with applications; copies only. (DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS). Failure to provide the appropriate documentation and/or payment will result in your application/renewal being returned unprocessed. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Copies will not be returned. 



                                                License for New                   RENEWALS                     RENEWALS

                                                 Animal ONLY                   Prior to March 31st          After March 31st


Spayed / Neutered                      $ 14.00                                $ 14.00                            $ 19.00

Non-Spayed/                               $ 17.00                                $ 17.00                            $ 22.00



For information regarding the replacement of lost tags (current year only),

please contact the animal licensing department at (732) 416-1885.

License Application


OPRA Request Form

Garage Sale Permit

Solicit and Canvas Application

New Business Procedures

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