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Are there points, and if so, how many?

Points are assessed by the Division of Motor Vehicles. For information call 888-486-3339 in NJ and 609-292-6500 for out-of-state.


How much is my fine?

Check the back of the summons. If the violation is not listed call the court office at 732-251-0700, extension 842, or click Motor Vehicle Violations


When is my payment due?

Before the date indicated at the bottom of the summons.


When is my court date?

Check the ticket or call 732-251-0700 extension 842.


Do I have to appear in court?

Yes, if the summons is checked court required or if the violation is not listed on the Violations Bureau Schedule


What do I do if there is a warrant out for my arrest?

During regular business hours post bail at the court office. After hours, bail may be posted with the Spotswood Police Department or any other police department in the State of New Jersey. Once bail is posted you will receive a date to appear in court.


Can you refer me to a lawyer?

No, the Municipal Court cannot refer anyone to a lawyer. However, we can provide the contact information for the Middlesex County Lawyer Referral Service at 732-828-0053.

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