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In the interest of public safety, DPW continually monitors weather conditions. In a snow event, Borough roads will be plowed as expeditiously as possible to keep residents safe and to maintain clear access for emergency vehicles. To that end, it would be helpful if residents move their cars off the roadways wherever possible to make clearing more effective and avoid having their parked vehicles plowed in.


The following is a list of streets on which parking is prohibited in a snow event:


  • Adirondack Avenue – Entire Length

  • Brunswick Avenue – Entire Length

  • Burlington Avenue – Brunswick Avenue to Jackson Street

  • Crescent Avenue – Entire Length

  • Daniel Road – Entire Length

  • DeVoe Avenue – Entire Length

  • Easton Avenue – Entire Length

  • Eisenhower Avenue – Entire Length

  • George Street – Entire Length

  • Kane Avenue – Adirondack Avenue to Madie Avenue

  • Kopak Way – Entire Length

  • Main Street – Entire Length

  • Manalapan Road – Entire Length

  • Marlboro Road – Manalapan Road to Somerdale Avenue

  • Mundy Avenue – Entire Length

  • Old Stage Road – Entire Length

  • Snowhill Street – Entire Length

  • Summerhill Road – Entire Length

  • Vaughn Avenue – Entire Length

  • Vliet Street – Main Street to Orchard Street

  • Wilson Avenue – Entire Length


The Borough’s Property Maintenance Ordinance (Chapter 155) details the expectation of timely snow removal for residential properties (155-29) and commercial properties and multi-family homes (155-13).


Residents (owners or the person responsible for maintenance of dwelling, building, or lot where there is a sidewalk) must remove snow for the entire length of their sidewalks within a reasonable amount of time. Sidewalks must also be clear of ice or made safe by covering the ice with salt or sand. If a contractor is hired, they must be made aware of the regulations.


The owner or operator of every commercial premises, shopping center, and multifamily dwelling is responsible for clearing parking areas, driveways, walkways, sidewalks and other pedestrian areas of snow, and for otherwise making such safe for vehicle and pedestrian traffic within 24 hours after the snowfall ceases. In areas where ice forms on the ground surface, action shall be taken to render the surface safe for the movement of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.


Please do not place garbage or recycling cans on the street during a snow event, as this will hinder snowplow efforts. Also, it is prohibited to put snow or ice onto the road or onto another’s sidewalk or property.


The SFD asks residents to clear all fire hydrants as soon as possible. In the event of a fire emergency, this may save lives and property in the Borough.

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