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This program is designed to introduce young boys and girls to the fundamentals of baseball, sportsmanship and team play.


Coaches will pitch and catch for the team at bat and every player will bat each inning (with a batting tee used after the fifth pitch). All players will also play the field each inning, with coaches rotating the players through the various positions on a regular and fair basis. Outs are not kept, nor are scores of games. The sole purpose of the clinic is to provide instruction in a relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere.


Ages 4 to 6 (must be 4 years of age by April 1st and not turn 7 before June of that year)


Saturdays from 10:15 – 11:45 a.m.,, Spotswood High School JV Softball Field


Season runs from April through June


$35 Residents/$45 Non-Residents

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