Ageless Grace – Instructor Laura Tuma

This class exercises both the mind and body by challenging the brain to learn different moves and building new neural pathways which keep the brain healthy and active. All movements are done to music while seated in a chair.


Stronger Seniors Stretching Video

This 45-minute program is designed to help seniors develop strength and enhance the ability to function in daily life.  This DVD workout is done in a chair and works to improve your ability to be stable and balanced, stay mobile, go up and down stairs, squat and pick up and other activities of daily life.


Chair Yoga – Instructor Allen Sykes

This modified yoga class runs for one hour and the positions are done primarily while seated (standing is optional to do these poses.)  The class also incorporates stress relieving techniques such as meditation, singing and laughter.


Breathing – Instructor Allen Sykes

Breathing is the key to yoga and to managing your daily stress.  Learn and practice different kinds of breath ratios that create different effects from relaxing to balancing to energizing.  Use these to enhance your yoga practice and your overall health.


Zumba – Instructor Linda McBride

Zumba combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations that allow the Zumba participants to dance away their worries.  It uses interval training combining fast and slow rhythms for an effective 45-minute aerobic workout while at the same time targeting your legs, abs, glutes and arms.


Zumba Gold – Instructor Patty Megill

Zumba Gold is a seated version of a regular Zumba class.  The class runs for 45-minutes and the exercises are modified but it incorporates the same high energy music, motivation and FUN.

Explore your creative side and join us for one or more of our weekly craft classes.  NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!  Our dedicated volunteer instructors will be happy to teach you. 


Quilting – Instructor Barbara Schmidt


Crafts – Instructor Molly Melkowits


Nimble Fingers Knitting and Crocheting Group– Instructor Linda Ciak


Art – Instructor Carol Komoniesky


Plastic Canvas – Instructor Bunny Mackie


Stitch in Time Knitting and Crocheting Group – Instructor Diane Charlesworth

Newcomers are welcome but must bring their own supplies

We wish to thank Captain George Ahrend, a former Borough of Spotswood resident and police officer, for sharing his artistic talent in contributing to the design of the Borough of Spotswood's seal. We thank Mr. Thomas Sullivan, a former Borough of Spotswood resident and sanitation employee, for sharing his artistic talent in contributing to the design of the Borough of Spotswood's seal.